Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I just opened my twitter account...omg. I sent my first tweet and got my first response back from ArtFire (thank you, artfire). Of course in the message was the secret twitter code RT. I had to ask my computer wise son what that meant, lol. Now I know, it!
I have been busy in the sewing room making some new things to put in my shop. Watch for them, I will post them here and if I remember, I may even tweet them? (is that the right lingo?)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Trying to bloom where I am planted...

So here I am kicking and screaming as I am drug into the computer age. This is an effort (a hesitant one at that) to share my etsy store and my passion for crafting "stuff" with all of you out there in the land that Al Gore invented. 
I can't say that I even know where this is going to go when I publish it, I am COMPLETELY in the dark about this blogging thing. 
Perhaps this will be the outlet I need for my ramblings and rantings as a sometimes crazed crafter.
We'll see....