Monday, January 30, 2012

An angel on my shoulder

 As I was driving to the store last summer, I noticed a woman next to me with a teddy bear pinned to her seat belt. I thought, "that's cute but I would rather have an angel on my shoulder". And so, I finally have brought that idea to life. And then, a Facebook friend, Amy Appenzeller Coffey, suggested that I make her to clip onto an IV pole for someone who might be in the hospital needing an angel to watch over them. 

 I thought that was a pretty spectacular idea and another way for me to make my angel appeal to more people. So, I went to work. I had already made her with an elastic strap at the back so she would easily wrap around a pole.

I just needed to market her in a different way.

I added this picture and included "get well angel" in the description of my angel. I am hoping she will be well received and as many ways as someone needs an angel on their shoulder, I hope she can somehow do the job.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Procrastination....I think not!

Here I sit, procrastinating. Why is is that? Why is it so easy to slip into this state of putting things off? I have asked myself that only about a billion times as I plow my way out of the piles of projects I have procrastinated on over the years. Oh sure, I am so familiar with all the excuses..."I work better under pressure" "I have lots of time' "It's not due until Tuesday", and my favorite one, "It won't take me long" (pffff...then something inevitably goes wrong).
Always, the results are the same. A frazzled finish right at the deadline. An aura of panic coming from the sewing room. Pressure. Yes, I know things would be smoother, nicer, more pleasant, if I just got in there and got it done. Oh, how many times I have vowed to not get myself into these pickles. I took that vow once again this year. And yet, here I am able to write about my procrastinating ways while procrastinating. However, is it really procrastination if I am completing a project I had previously procrastinated on?  I say NO. I am not  procrastinating, I am actively completing a project....take that, oh little voice in my head!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another project completed!

I finally was able to take the time to complete a couple of requests from my sisters. And of course since I'm making one or two, I might as well make three more (it's that type of thinking that gets me in deep trouble too often). Here are the pictures of five (yes, five) completed totes.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

OMG, I did it!

Yeah! I was able to figure out how to add my badge, check it out --------->
 Give me a sewing machine and a pattern, a crochet hook and a problem! This is a whole new game for me. I am finding that I love learning how it all works!

Got Badges?...No, because I can't figure it out!

<a target="_blank" href=""><img src="" height="200" width="160" alt="Craftsy Block of the Month"></a>

I vow to do this block of the month....Ok, maybe vow is a little strong. Let me just say that I am going to really, really try to complete this project.First thing is trying to figure how to put badges on my blog. I could not figure it out so I am just putting it in my post. Maybe one of my computer savvy children will come along and help me out :)