Monday, October 31, 2016

A Love of the Bunny Tale

Where did the bunny go?

If you are 30 something or have a child that is 30 something, you might know what I'm talking about......

My love for making this bunny as a replica begins here...

My daughter had a yellow plaid Fisher Price Security Bunny. She was born in 1982 and carried her "FooFoo" bunny with her everywhere until she was in the fourth grade.

When she decided it was time to let it go, the sad pieces and parts were kept in a safe place...just in case.

She grew up, began her own family and wanted her babies to know the "love of the bunny". Sadly, Fisher Price had stopped making this bunny. So,  I created my own version for her babies and began selling them in my Esty shop.

My version changed over time.  Customers began asking me to make my bunny with rounded eyes, rounded blanket edges and "could I make it like a puppet?".

I knew what they were asking.....more and more the requests came in. The "love of the bunny" was everywhere and the 30 somethings were longing to pass it on to the next generation.
They COULD purchase a well preserved original from Ebay for $200..what?! How many children would know the "love of the bunny" at that price?

So, I made a few changes to my version and created a replica that would pass a most difficult test. Owners of the original bunny are very, very, very particular.

After many testimonials like this...

"These bunnies are amazing! My sister had the pink Fisher Price ones growing up and when I showed her Suzie's replicas she couldn't believe it! They look the exact same. Thanks so much Suzie!!!" bunnies have gone all over the world. The joy they bring still amazes me.

Making them has become a mission for me...a "love of the bunny" mission.

This is my story...I'm sticking to it because there are so many little babies out there with little baby fingers to snuggle and love a bunny to pieces...literally.

I hope my version looks like that some day!

Did you have a favorite blanket? Do you still have it's loved on pieces?