Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Going bananas!

I have 5 sisters...one of them texted all of us last week and asked if we had ever tried pancakes made from just bananas and egg...no flour...really? My first thought was..."um, no".

Now I admit, I am guilty of trying to persuade my husband into believing that there are suitable replacements out there for things like bread, pasta, rice and potatoes. I did get him to try riced cauliflower, could he possibly like flourless pancakes? My hubby loves pancakes...he took a motorcycle road trip a couple years ago and the most memorable thing about the trip he tells me, was the best pancakes he ever had somewhere in northern Nevada.....not sure this flourless idea can win here.

I decided to google the idea to get the most out of my attempt to deceive my hubby, after all, my sister said they would pass for the real thing. I found a recipe for these flourless wonders at PaleoLeap. Don't get me wrong, I love my grains....pasta, rice, bread...but I've tried to reduce them as I've gotten older, it seems they are finding their way to my waist and hips rather easily these days.

                  Ok, let's go!

My daughter-in-law made me some homemade vanilla extract for Christmas...
can't wait to try it, smells delicious!

                                Gathered my ingredients....something major is missing...don't you think?                                        


Mixed the ingredients...looks kind of like pancake batter....

Poured the batter into my hot, buttery pan and waited and watched as my flourless batter began to resemble a pancake....

Huh...looks pretty good!

Yep, looks like a pancake!

The recipe suggests serving these with berries and maple syrup....I would if I had them 'cause I love berries on my pancakes, but all I could dig up was bananas and whipped cream....darn!

I know! I know!
So, I would say that these are very crepe like in texture. You definitely miss the cakey texture of a real pancake and I am not certain my hubby will appreciate them but as replacements go....I will be eating these again! As a side note, I would maybe add a pinch of salt and try them with berries and maple syrup next time and the homemade vanilla extract added a lovely flavor...thank you Sandy!