Friday, May 25, 2018

Autism and Awesome

What do autism and awesome have in common? Jordan! He is autistic and he is awesome! And Jordan graduates from high school on May 30th 2018. I think his life story should be a know the kind I's a story that makes you cry and laugh and fall in love and then laugh and cry because you are in love. Big screen stuff.

So, while we wait for that blockbuster to come out......

I was honored with the task of creating a t-shirt quilt for "Jordan the Amazing."

Can you tell green is his favorite color? Yes it is!

I must admit, this grandma was not prepared for the emotional journey this task was going to take me on. Piecing together his quilt caused me to ponder with pride..oh, so much this young man got to this place. I wanted his quilt to be as special as his achievement and as amazing as Jordan!

Most importantly, his ever present green jackets had to be included...if you know autism, you understand.

 The well worn shirts tell a story too....if you know autism,
                          you understand.

A piece of his weighted blanket is in there...if you know autism, you understand.

(I kept the beads in this square)


     This quilt tells Jordan's story,
                                   I can't wait to see what happens next!

As a mom, I am in awe of my daughter who was relentless and used her natural stubbornness and mom wisdom to get the things Jordan needed as a diagnosed child on the spectrum.


                       Jordan and his mom are proof that faith,
                             love and family can overcome.


                            From the Bunny Farm

It always amazes me how my customers love their bunnies. 
New pink darn cute!
Feedback is so often not just stars but stories. 

Paula said this: "Wow...just wow! The Seller customized a bunny for me and the final product was unbelievable. 

Thank you so very much for a very special, beautifully crafted bunny!"

And Stephanie says: "The item shipped on time, was packed with love and was exactly as described! I purchased this bunny for a friend who just had a baby boy. I had the FP bunny blanket growing up and it was my ultimate favorite lovey i ever had. This replica is PERFECT and brought me back many many years to a lot of special memories. So happy to get to pass on the tradition to my friends newborn little guy. Suzie is amazing and so is her beautiful bunny blankets!"

Honestly.....I love making my bunnies and this is why!