Saturday, June 14, 2014

It's been a wild ride

 It's been a wild ride 

The ride on life's roller coaster has brought me back to having time to blog....I am so excited to write my first post in a long, long time.

So much has happened along the way

Sold the business..........

moved back to my beautiful San Diego..........

                      ...............hubby graduated college to start a second career as a Physicist.

                                                   Who does that?

Apparently my hubby does! He decided at 50 something it was time to consider a second career....
but physics?

Oh, yes, he really does look like this at times------------>

Especially after hours of grueling  math homework and studying, studying and more studying!

Graduating with honors in Physics is no easy task. Throw in the age factor and life in general, and well, I think you simply have to blog about it. Yep, my hubby is a proud of him!!

There have been plenty of downs after the ups on this roller coaster ride.......isn't there always......I found the scary down parts easier to stomach when I remember the view from the top and see all the endless possibilities!!

            I'm just glad my hubby is buckled in next to me for the ride!!


From the Bunny Farm
Lots of exciting things happening in Suzie's Imaginarium too! My "FooFoo" Bunnies have been sent all over the world to be snuggled on by little baby fingers....sigh....
I love little babies!  

Polka dots have become all the rage....
Green Polka very sweet!!!

I am so happy to bring this Fisher Price replica bunny blanket to my customers. 
The "love of the bunny" never seizes to amaze me.

I hope this blog finds you happy and well....I look forward to picking up my keyboard again.....I'm buckled in and ready for the next twist or turn....are you?