Tuesday, March 5, 2019

From Bridesmaid to Bunny

Whatever you may have called it when you were young, it was that one thing you carried with you everywhere you went. It soothed you to sleep as an infant. It was your first friend. It was snuggled literally to pieces.

This is my daughter's bunny...what is left of it.

Her bunny was with her everyday, everywhere...always.

She still speaks fondly about the smell of it.

Her "FooFoo Bunny" is framed, but I have many customers tell me that they still secretly have their pieces within reach. Some hide them inside their pillowcase,  others have a more open relationship with their pieces.

There is no denying the love of this bunny and every once in awhile, I get asked to try to save one.

Whenever I get the pieces in the mail, my heart melts.

So much love!

<------My customer's loved on bunny (This is the 2nd version of the Fisher Price Bunny Puppet)

New blanket for an old bunny!

Imagine the memories of a child's world held within this bunny!

I think preserving memories is part of human nature and if you search the web, you will find there are endless ways to preserve those memories.

I have a couple memory bears made from my Mom's clothes.

These are very special to me!
The list is long when it comes to preserving.

 But this....

I mean, what else could you do with that green satin dress you wore for your sister's wedding?

Well, if she happens to have carried a Fisher Price Bunny Puppet with her as a child,  you might ask someone to do this......
What an amazing way to honor your sister's love of the bunny!

And one-of-a-kind bunnies made with bridesmaid dress satin?...Sigh...Perfection!

This was one of my favorite projects!

Do you have security blanket secrets?

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