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I am a wifey, mom (of 5), grandma (of 2) who comes from a long line of crafters. I am at a stage in my life where I am blessed with time to enjoy the world of crafting and this blog is a place for me to write about my ideas and share some of my imaginings (I hope).
  My husband and I love to camp and backpack in Yosemite (my favorite place in the world, of course, it's not like I've seen so much of the world). I am never far away from my crafting even in the wilderness. I bring along my crochet to wile away the hours of peace and quiet.

Me on the left and my hubby next to me. My sister, Marcy and her fiance Glenn. Mid hike, Glen Aulin to May Lake (amazing!)

"Bloom where you are planted" was my mom's favorite saying. She wanted all 11 of her children to do be the best at whatever we chose in life to do. As I have settled into my empty nest, I am planting a whole new garden. I tried a real one in my backyard for awhile.

Boy, does that take a lot of time and patience. I loved it!

But then, my Etsy shop started taking off.....

http://suziesimaginarium.etsy.com !!

I was caught up in the world of crafting again. My sewing machine was humming and my stash began to grow again! My hubby had transformed one of our empty bedrooms into a sewing room....and I was HOME!

Of course at the moment I will not be winning any awards for neatness but it's my space and I love it!

So, my garden has become filled with beautiful fabrics and sewing tools. I am busy trying to "bloom where I have been planted". I can only hope that my crafting makes my mom and grandma smile down on me with maybe just a little bit of pride.

 Storage hint:
I use shoe storage hangers for my fabric. Looks like I have not been very good at putting my colors back in the right place :) and no, that's not all of my stash.

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