Sunday, January 22, 2012

Procrastination....I think not!

Here I sit, procrastinating. Why is is that? Why is it so easy to slip into this state of putting things off? I have asked myself that only about a billion times as I plow my way out of the piles of projects I have procrastinated on over the years. Oh sure, I am so familiar with all the excuses..."I work better under pressure" "I have lots of time' "It's not due until Tuesday", and my favorite one, "It won't take me long" (pffff...then something inevitably goes wrong).
Always, the results are the same. A frazzled finish right at the deadline. An aura of panic coming from the sewing room. Pressure. Yes, I know things would be smoother, nicer, more pleasant, if I just got in there and got it done. Oh, how many times I have vowed to not get myself into these pickles. I took that vow once again this year. And yet, here I am able to write about my procrastinating ways while procrastinating. However, is it really procrastination if I am completing a project I had previously procrastinated on?  I say NO. I am not  procrastinating, I am actively completing a project....take that, oh little voice in my head!

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