Monday, January 30, 2012

An angel on my shoulder

 As I was driving to the store last summer, I noticed a woman next to me with a teddy bear pinned to her seat belt. I thought, "that's cute but I would rather have an angel on my shoulder". And so, I finally have brought that idea to life. And then, a Facebook friend, Amy Appenzeller Coffey, suggested that I make her to clip onto an IV pole for someone who might be in the hospital needing an angel to watch over them. 

 I thought that was a pretty spectacular idea and another way for me to make my angel appeal to more people. So, I went to work. I had already made her with an elastic strap at the back so she would easily wrap around a pole.

I just needed to market her in a different way.

I added this picture and included "get well angel" in the description of my angel. I am hoping she will be well received and as many ways as someone needs an angel on their shoulder, I hope she can somehow do the job.

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