Friday, June 15, 2012

Teaching my sister to sew

My sister, Marie, asked me when I was going to make more of these....
Aren't they cute? She bought a lot of these bottle covers from me when I used to make them and sell them in my Etsy Shop. I tired of making them and put the idea on moth balls for a long while. I had actually forgotten about them until she asked about them recently.

So, I dug out my pattern. I designed it to fit over the odd shape of the Bath and Body Works hand soap dispenser. When their soap goes on sale, I stock up to have them around for a quick gift. Everyone uses soap....right? I whip up one of these bottle covers in a favorite color or theme to suit my recipient and voila! An inexpensive, simple but personal gift!

But, instead of making bottle covers for my sister, I decided to write a PDF pattern for it so she can sew her own.....teach a man to fish....except in this case...teach my sister to sew. After all, she needs to get her sewing machine out of moth balls and maybe this will encourage her to do just that.

Of course you have to have a catchy name........

 And lots of reasons to make them....

Housewarming gifts.......

             Teacher's gifts.........

Party hostess gifts..........

My friend, Joni, tested my pattern for  me and she made this one for her kitchen.....

                          Isn't it SoaPretty?

I think the possibilities are endless.....add some piping, rick rack or lace. Embellish it with a flower or rhinestones. The canvas is small but sure can be cute!!

I've placed my pattern here and here so you can be prepared for the holiday season with something quick to put together for that last minute gift! It's a great way to use up your stash too!


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    1. Thank you Kathy! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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    1. Thanks Debbi! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. OK, Suzie...Now how did you know where my family buys lots of our handsoaps??? It's way more than SoaPretty! These are awesome! I'm so glad your sis asked when you were going to make more. I think I'll have to order one soon. I've got my eye on the ladybugs...

  4. Shooot...I thought you said you were making a few too. I don't sew, Suzie!!! Unlike your sister, I don't even have a dusty sewing machine to drag out! LOL
    Please let me know if you'll be making some for your Etsy shop. Like I said, I've got my eye on that ladybug one...


  5. I sent you an email Kim...let me know that you got it :)

  6. Those are too cute! Funny you should post this because I just started using pump soaps in the kitchen and I was trying to find a pretty bottle but never did. SO I have my ugly Dial bacterial killing bottle on the counter. These would definitely be an improvement!

    1. Thank you Sheryl! So fast and easy to make and lots of possibilities!


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