Monday, March 5, 2012

Two of my favorite things.....

Don't you just love it when you purchase something and it actually lives up to your expectations? ......Okay, I know you've all had your share of disappointing purchases, I know I have. The stain remover that didn't remove the stain and even made it worse, the tool that made the job even more complicated, the useless piece of miracle equipment that did not work so miraculously.....uh, huh, I've bought them, tried them, tried them again and then placed them in the round file just like you.

This weekend as I began my February blocks on my Craftsy Block of the Month , yes, I know it's March but that's not important right now, I grabbed one of my favorite sewing tools and thought....."I really should blog about these!"

So, I am.....1. Procrastinating on making those February blocks again and.....2. Sharing with you the joy of finding a couple of products that absolutely do what they are suppose to do without any fuss and there is no learning curve, just plain simple things that work.
 (sounds like the description of someone's perfect guy...plain, simple and works)...

But seriously (I find that hard to be sometimes) there are all kinds of things out there for marking on fabric. I came across the "Frixion" pen at a quilt store recently. I was skeptical because so many of the chalks and markers I have used have not been so easy to remove, though they claim to be "disappearing" or "wash away".

I LOVE this pen by Pilot!! The ink is erasible with heat, hence the name "Frixion". Any source of heat will completely...and yes, I mean COMPLETELY erase the ink whether on paper or fabric. I use my iron but you could use a blow dryer. I don't think it was intended for fabric but some wise quilter out there discovered it's fantastic abilities and now I am so glad I have too! 

If you sew, this pen will be a welcome addition to your stash of tools.
 Have you ever bought something from a relative because it was a relative selling it?....Come on, you know you have. With so many in home party themes out there, Scentsy, Pampered Chef, Princess House (I wonder if they are still around) and then there is many of you have a cupboard full of Tupperware?  I do too.
It's one of those things that when you use it, you are glad you have it because it really IS a great product.

And coming to you now from Canada is Norwex. I know, I know, one more thing to buy and hate....but wait....while I had a healthy dose of skepticism when my sister approached me about this new line, I bought one of these  Anti-bac microfiber window cleaning cloth  because she's my sister.

She promised me that I would love it. That my windows would look like this..... 

....Instead of this

 I said "Are you buying me a house on the lake?"

Well, of course she wasn't but she was going to make me love washing windows....????
I hate to admit it but, she was right and I will NEVER buy another bottle of window cleaner again....EVER. Use a wet cloth first (you might try this one Anti bac Envirocloth ) and use the  Anti-bac microfiber window cleaning cloth to dry them off. I swear (and I don't do that very often) you will be amazed! Easy, streak free, beautiful windows with just water.
You may wonder what this product has to do with crafting, well,  I thoroughly enjoy looking out my sewing room window's so darn clean :)


  1. Now...I have yet to be disappointed with any pen from Pilot! I had no idea that they made this pen called Frixion! I don't sew, but lots of people do, and I bet this pen would come in quite handy. =)

    Did you just say you won't need to buy window cleaner ever again? You've got me interested!

    Great post, Suzie!
    Visiting today from Blogging Buddies

  2. I'm making a list! Both the Frixion pen and the two cloths have my interest. I get tired of windexing all of the windows and mirrors in our motorhome.
    Thanks for following me! I'm following back. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  3. Thanks Suzie!! I love your window pictures that made me laugh. You've really made your way around the "net", lol. I was reading that thinking, oh, she didn't put my site name anywhere then I clicked on one of the items and voila, there it was, you're genius. Or have alot of time on your hands, lol ;)
    Ladies, what she says is true!! Never buy Windex again! Look through my site and contact me if you have any questions, I can tell you exactly how to use our products to make cleaning easier. If you are not familiar w/Norwex, you are in for a treat. You can also go to Youtube and type in Norwex, there are alot of video demos to give you a better idea..........just be sure to come back to my site to order :) Thanks again Suzie, can't wait to see you!

  4. I'm going to check in on that window cleaner- great cartoons, those look just like my windows! :0

  5. What a great post! You are so right and made some amusing points. And I'm loving that pen! I have to get one...


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