Friday, March 2, 2012

It's A Serendipitous Shopping Day

Whoo Hoo! Friday is my Serendipitous Shopping day
 (I love surprises!)

During the week various shop owners have treasured some of my shop items. I love that!
It's always a surprise to see the beautiful treasuries put together and right there amongst so many crafty things is something from my shop!

Making treasuries takes time and a good eye for color doesn't hurt.

They most often are be put together as part of a team challenge and are a tremendous promotional tool for the Etsy community.

I could show you the treasuries but I thought instead I would like to "pay it forward" and share with you some of the wonderful things in the shops of the crafty people who treasured me this week!
                                                 So, let's go shopping!!!

 For the pet lover, you might shop at   clasergraphic   for a special pet keepsake.

   Spend A Moment in Paradise with beautiful candles and delicious smelling things to sooth the soul.

     Aloha Cookie Girl    has fun tags and   cards and wrappings straight from Hawaii !        

 Dine in Style makes cloth napkins and coffee cozies but this dinosaur bank is really cute too!

Tonebelle has lots of very nice crochet items and lovely jewelry too!

Sky Blue Designs 2  creates beautifully stunning  mixed metal hair clips


At  The Burlesque you will find fun and stylish totes and clutches

Nekozuki Yarns knits and handcrafts wonderful things to wear

 If you visit Amydscrochet you might find wonderful crocheted things like this afghan (it reminds me of my Grandma, she made lots of these)

And of course, it goes without saying that I love to go to the fabric store. Maras Fabric is a place to find all kinds of great fabric without getting into the car.

Who knew you could crochet a swiffer cover? Audrey's Cozy Crochet did! What a great idea!

  Sassy Pants  creates simply fun and beautiful jewelry. I love the beads in this bracelet!                    
Wow! That was a lot of shopping! I hope you found something you thought you could not live without!

                                               Have a wonderfully serendipitous weekend!!!


  1. All wonderful choices, Suzie! I especially like "Sky Blue Designs" shop. I glad I took time to read this today.

    Thanks for sharing! - Lucinda

  2. Hello from your team member at Blogging Buddies. This is such a beautiful collection! Thanks so much for sharing. I'd love if you would stop by my blog.

  3. Lovely finds! I really enjoyed them, thanks for sharing!

  4. Awesome picks!!
    Thank you so much for including my shop :)


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