Monday, May 28, 2012

Norwex GIVEAWAY and the joy of cleaning windows

I was doing my housework this morning...good gawd...doesn't THAT sound like fun?....and it dawned on me as I was cleaning my kitchen window that I should really spread this joy around and have a giveaway!

 Hmmmm...I know, I know, not much joy in cleaning, let alone in cleaning windows....unless...

You happen to know the joy of Norwex of Canada and their absolutely fabulous window cloth !

Honestly, one of my favorite cleaning products....REALLY?
Can there be such a thing as a FAVORITE cleaning product? Pffffff....I did not think so until I found this!

              Look ----------------------------->

How clean is this?  I just wiped my window with a damp Norwex, Envirocloth and dried it with the amazing window cloth.....NO WINDOW CLEANER!!!

I am still amazed at how clean and streak free they are when I finish with them.....and did I say with NO CLEANER?

So, I wanted to share my joy with all of you! I bet you just can't wait to clean YOUR windows...right?

Well, thanks to my sister, Julie, the NORWEX distributor, you could win an Envirocloth AND the fabulous Window Cloth a $33.98 value!!!! 

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this blog and answer these two VERY IMPORTANT questions:

1. Go here and tell me what color you will choose for your ENVIROCLOTH if you win ( I won't ask about the WINDOW CLOTH, because it only comes in my favorite color...purple)


2. What is the funniest, craziest, cutest, most special or just plain silliest thing you have ever seen out your window  (CLEAN answers only please)

THAT'S IT!!! A random number generator (I know, not as fun as the hat ) will choose the winner.

I guess I should add that the contest will end at midnight (west coast time) June 7th, 2012.

Good luck and I am so excited to read your stories!


  1. That does sound like an awesome product!!!! I hate cleaning windows, so this might change that. =)


    2-Two years ago, we had 3 or 4 baby bunnies in the backyard. We kept the dog out of there & as they got bigger & their eye open, they would venture out of the nest. It was awesome to watch them grow until they finally went on their way.

    Thank for this opportunity Suzette!

    1. Baby animals are so very cute, bunnies especially! Thanks for entering my giveaway....good luck!

  2. 1) pink
    2) a deer in my mothers backyard (there are no deer around, so it must have travelled quite the distance) it hung around awhile and then left....beautiful animals

    ashleymccallum at yahoo dot ca

    1. How fun to see something so common in an out of the ordinary place! Thanks for sharing and entering my giveaway...good luck!

  3. 1) Purple

    2) I just noticed a white pelican on the little pond outside the cabin. He stopped by to visit the other day. I also get to watch little baby ducks grow up and now I am waiting for the newest baby deer to toddle through to drink at the pond.

    The baby ducks and the white pelican can be seen in my latest blog post:

    Thank you for the opportunity to clean all these windows :)
    Julie and Blu

    1. How crazy is that? He is just beautiful! And, I love little baby ducks too, they are so darn cute how they tag along behind mom! Thanks for sharing and entering my giveaway...good luck!

  4. Hello Suzie.I love your blog posts and always read them even if I don't comment.I like the way your mind works.

    My favorite being that I see from my office window is the kingfisher.Every year I wait patiently for this comical character to announce his arrival by calling as he flies by and heads up the creek.All through the summer he comes and goes with his wild hairdo and entertains me.Oh,he does know me.i know that sounds crazy but we make eye contact all the time! Anyway that's my story and I'm sticking to it.Thanks for the chance to see the creatures outside my window even better with this fabulous and mysterious cloth.Have a lovely day xo

    1. Gosh, I have never seen a Kingfisher, except in wonderful...I love their hairdo! Thanks for sharing and entering my giveaway! Good luck!

  5. Amazing giveaway!

    1. I would love the yellow cloth

    2. Maybe one of the cutest things... We have a nest with baby robins outside one of our windows this year. They are super adorable and my daughters love watching them during the day.

    Thank you!
    djcjlw at yahoo dot com

    1. Baby birds in a of natures marvels for sure! The whole process is amazing...from the nest building to babies learning to fly. What a wonderful thing for your kids to get to see right out your window! Thanks for sharing and entering my giveaway! Good Luck!

  6. I would like to try the window cloth because that's your favorite color and mine. :) Also the craziest thing would have to be a man riding his bike while someone was pulling out of their drive way. Instead of the man getting hit by the car he ran right into the side of the car. He was really lucky!!! I saw the whole thing and couldn't save him.

    Thank you

    1. Crazy people! Don't you always wonder..."What are they thinking?"..when you see something like that? Thanks for sharing and entering my giveaway...good luck!

  7. 1. I like the purple one.

    2. One time we looked out the window and there was a little baby boy, could barely walk and he was running around with only a shirt on. lol. he's a cutie.

    1. Escapee! I hope mom was not far behind! Thanks for sharing and entering my giveaway! Good luck!

  8. Right now I've got a hummingbird feeder outside my kitchen window so each and every time I'm in that room, I look out to see is a little hummer is feeding. Love watching for those little guys.


  9. Hi Suzie,
    I've been so behind lately with my dad's illness. Just saw your post in my email and had to check it out as my windows are in desperate need of attention. This cloth looks amazing! I for one love the yellow as a favorite color combo of mine is yellow and purple.

    My cute/funny window story is that right now I'm trying to help my daughter potty train my three year old grandson. He is NOT having it!! A friend of mine told me she used to encourage her boys to "water the flowers" when she was traning them. Whatever works right?? Well, one day my daughter said to me, "Mom, come see, Jakes trying to water the grass". I look out the patio window and there he is, cute as can be, "watering the grass". I swear, it's the only way he'll go right now but like I said, whatever works. (Oh, and we live out in the country so no worries about grossed out neighbors). hee hee

  10. I'm trying to add a pic of my daughter and grandson but it's being difficult. Trying again.

  11. Darn it, it just won't download. Oh well, I'll send it to you on facebook. :-)

    Embellish By Andrea


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