Sunday, February 12, 2012

Border envy...

I am having so much fun surfing around and reading other bloggers blogs. I have seen everything from too much to too little and everything in between. I am amazed at the wonderful ideas and really well written blogs out there.

All of my blog surfing has created a slight "border envy" in me. Some of my fellow bloggers have such beautifully displayed photos. Borders and groupings that make their photos look so finished!

I found this fabulous photo display at Shers Creative Space     
(she has a great blog, very creative)

  I want my pictures to look like this!!!

 I take a pretty good photo.

My husband and I still have a darkroom in our garage. Black and white photography has been a hobby of ours for a long time.

We have made our way into the digital age slowly but surely and I am determined to learn how to manipulate my photos like this.
I use Photoshop to "develop" my pics now, I just don't know how to do much else.
So, I googled "how to put borders around your photos in Photoshop" (I love Google).

 I found this tutorial

So, I spent this morning following the tutorial and was finally able to place a border around my angel. I used almost ALL of my patience but I did it!

I love it!

 So as not to disappoint my readers, (some day I will have more than 3) here is my Photoshop disclaimer:

Please don't expect this same perfection on ALL of my future blog posts. I don't have that much patience left. 


  1. Thank you for the nice words about my images and my blog! Your blog is definitely off to a good start. Just keep practicing with PhotoShop and you'll be an expert before you know it!

    BTW---Love your shop! You have so many cute items!

    1. Thank you for joining my blogging journey!


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