Monday, February 20, 2012

Marketing genius?

I asked my husband what I should blog about for Monday. He is currently studying for his BS in Physics, so he thought I should blog about electron volts. This is his idea of exciting reading.

Did I mention that I hate math?, I don't think I'll be talking about electron volts.

What I think I will blog about instead is the marketing adventure I had this weekend. I love the marketing side of my Etsy shop. I love making up names for my products, taking pictures and making tags. I find it fun and imaginative.

Now I know, there are a lot of shop owners who find it grueling. But, if you picture your shop as a storefront window and you want that passing shopper to stop and take a look, you have to make your products appealing enough to make that happen, right?
         Which store would you walk into?

I'm no expert, I am just leaning about search engines and tags, networking and all that jazz. I can't tell you how many times I have taken and retaken pictures, changed tags and titles, only to get 8 views? Arrrrrg! It is discouraging but at the same time challenging.

 My focus this weekend was on my newest product addiction, (yes, that should be addition, but addiction works too) "Angel on my shoulder".

She began as a seat belt angel. A friend, Amy Coffey , from my Handmade Circle  group had already started the ball rolling by suggesting she could go on an IV pole for someone in the hospital. From there I thought...what about a nursing home patient....or a college student away from home...(no, they don't have IV poles, but they have desk lamps!) These are all potential customers!

I decided to start by packaging her as a more finished product so I made a laminated card for her to attach to. I added some of her possible uses on the back (I had trouble on that photo so you will have to take my word for it)

I think she may be ready to go into a hospital gift shop....another possibility!

Next step will be to work on her tags and titles to include these other potential customers. My hope is that by making her more appealing to a larger group, she will get more views and eventually more sales.

As this idea has evolved, it has brought to life a creative marketing monster in me that I think my shop needs at the moment.

I want to to take a step outside the box and refresh some of my other products. Ideas are swirling......

Take a look at your products. Which products have low views? How can you make them appeal to a larger audience?

Move things around, create some excitement in your storefront again!


  1. Your packaging looks great! And I agree ... a little extra touch of marketing goes a long way! ;)

  2. What a great post. Your new angel is adorable. Your ideas for marketing her are fabulous!


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