Friday, February 17, 2012

Did you miss the raft?

  If you laughed today.....


......If you happened to see something beautiful today and it lifted your spirit 
a little......
 Remember that sometimes the Lord sends us a raft 
and we miss it
because we were looking for a yacht  - Suzie G

Have a wonderful, fun and safe weekend!!!


  1. LOVE this post! It made me smile. =)

  2. What a wonderful and inspirational post. I wish I could see that bottom picture in person. Look at those colors!

  3. beautiful! Thank you!!

  4. so true, so true! i'm trying to remember to take a little time out of each day to enjoy the simple little things. new to your blog and glad i found your creative space on the web. Would love for you to linkup with me and share a post on next Wednesday over at my blog.



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