Thursday, February 16, 2012

My sister's bag...a creation's journey

My mom and dad raised 11 children, ELEVEN children. I know, I think it's crazy too.

These are my sisters. I have fought with, loved, cried and laughed with each one of them. I cherish each moment I spend with them because life doesn't always deal you the best hand.

My sister, Pam, is an angel. We all miss her VERY much.

My sister, Lisa, has M.S....I wish that meant that she has "Many Sisters" syndrome. Alas, it does not....although at times, I think having so many sisters really could be described as some medical ailment requiring therapy. Hmmmm, note to self for future blog.

Lisa's wonderful and super, super patient husband works for Apple.  He of course has all the latest gadgets and so naturally Lisa has an IPad. She called me and asked if I would make her a shoulder bag to carry it in because you see, this was the SECOND IPad.

She dropped the first one on the bathroom floor and it broke.                                       

Her ever so patient and understanding husband, got her another one. She did the math...I'm glad there is at least one of us that can do the math....and figured out that it would be a lot less expensive to have her sister make her a shoulder bag than to replace another IPad.

Well, of course, I said I could make a bag.

So this is what I came up with. I had to make it twice. The first one was not quite big enough. I hope this one works. I'm putting it into the mail for her today BUT....

Now I had this other really cute smaller bag staring at me from my table. Made from the same fabric, doesn't it just scream "COLOR ME!" It looks like a coloring book page.
I loved to color as a kid, remember the   smell of a new box of crayons?

I got out my fabulous Tsukeniko fabric inks.

Some fabric glitter glue.

And some sparkly big rhinestones.

 I went to work, painting, glittering, gluing.....

That was so much fun! I really love how it came out.

Now my question is, what color should the strap be? Black? Pink? Purple?

What's your vote?


  1. I would go with a purple strap, because I think it would bring out the color. I also like purple! And I do like the bag in plain black & white too. I love it!

    And, what a lucky woman your sister is to have such a great husband and an amazing sister like you! I'm sure her 2nd iPad will be very safe in its new bag. =)


  2. My favorite color is purple too, but because of the pink trim I would go with pink for the strap.

    I love your bags, Suzie, whether black & white or color!!! I hope we will be seeing them in your shop soon.

    1. Thanks Janet! I love making bags, especially the cute girly kind ♥ not that I have any grand daughters :(

  3. Eleven kids! I can't even imagine. That's quite a houseful. I'm sorry about the loss of Pam. Lisa is quite lucky to have the husband that she does as well as having you for a sister. The bag is beautiful. For the strap, I vote for black.

    1. Crazy right? Thanks Sher for the kind words!

  4. You did an awesome job, Suzie! The outcome was really beautiful! I sooo like the colors and embellishments! But I wish you went with the black or white strap. Your bag was originally come with that color, so I believe it would harmonize if the strap was also with the same color.

    Leonia Shearer

    1. Thank you Leonia! I did go with the black strap and it looked just right1

    2. Oh, I'm glad that you did! It would be a great sin if you didn't! Haha!


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