Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Strike up the band...we have a winner!

Can I just say....I love my readers! I loved reading your responses to my question about music in your lives. Thank you for making my very first giveaway so successful!

Alright...that's enough of that mushy stuff...... let's find out who won!

Drum roll please!!

I filled the marching band hat with all of your entries.....

 It was pretty full....thank you so much!!

Aidan was so excited to pick the winner, he reached in and pulled out a name.....

And that name is.........

Terrie Lee R
She wrote:
Music has always been a part of my life but I guess the best part would be listening to my baby play his music in his band. He is grown and out on his own now so I don't get to hear it as much. I framed one of his pieces of music that he created as a reminder. He has a gig coming up so I'm really excited to see him perform again. Thanks for the opportunity to win your lovely tote!

PS - I am already a follower.
Congratulations Terrie Lee !!!
You have 24 hours to contact me and let me know which tote you would like to have as your prize.

Thank you again to all of you who entered....I know it's a bummer when it's not your name in big red letters, it's not ever my name either.  I do hope you will try again on my next giveaway...cause you just never know!


  1. That's a cute way to pick a winner. Congrats Terrie Lee!

    1. Thanks Sandy! Aidan was so excited to be the one picking the name!

  2. Thank you!! {{Doing the happy dance!}}

    1. Yeah! Your bag is in the mail today...enjoy!!

  3. Congrats Terrie Lee! I love the hat used to pick a winner, very cute and clever.

    1. Thank you Carol, it's my son's high school band hat and was perfect for the theme!


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