Friday, April 13, 2012

Serendipity Shopping Day

**Sigh*** It's Friday already....I know, I should be excited that the weekend is here but I was looking for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday this morning....I don't know where they went...can't find them anywhere! Not surprising though, have you seen my sewing room? It's a wonder I can find anything in there. I guess I should spend some time straightening up in there this morning.....oh, wait a minute...I said it's FRIDAY...that means it's Serendipity Shopping Day!!! Oh thank goodness, I can get out of that "organizing" stuff and go wonder through some shops that treasured mine this week.

I love surprises! Can't wait to see what I find in them...lets go shopping!!!

Lovelace Designs has a fun shop filled with themed picture frames and room decor. I like this boys were in the band in high school, this would be a nice way to frame a band picture, don't you think?

I don't have any little baby girls but at The Crochet Lady there are some things that make me wish I did! I love baby very cute!

If I was a jewelry maker, I might have to consider purchasing some beads from ArcadiaBeads. She has so many beautiful handmade do you choose?

Nina at Creatingwithni has such an eclectic collection of things in her shop. Supplies, paper crafting items, crochet, shoes....the list is long and you could linger awhile in her shop for sure!
Aren't these polymer clay flowers cute?

Doesn't this cowl look cozy? It's still cold enough outside to think about stylish things to keep you warm. At DivineLuluCreations you might just find the perfect pair of fingerless gloves!

I just had to add this wonderful piece of work to my shopping list today. I have been following Sandy's blog but I have never wondered into her shop, QuiltinCats .

Today I did.

I love, love, love these cute little mug rugs! She makes them while on the road with her husband traveling here and there, how fun is that?

So, that's it for me. I really must get to "organizing" my sewing room, it's a mess and I have projects calling me to be completed. I need to move them up on the procrastination list.  
I hope you had fun shopping with me today!


  1. Thank you Suzie! You made my day! All the items are so cute and unique.

    Good luck on organizing your sewing room. I always get distracted and never finish! LOL!

  2. Nice blog ! , Thanks so much for having me :)

  3. fantastic blog! I enjoyed shopping with you. Just yesterday day I organized my craft studio/room. Hop on over to my blog to see pics.

  4. I love the applique work of QuiltNCats! So cute. Great finds. This week did go fast!

  5. Hello!

    Thank you for sharing all of these great links! The little baby shoes are so cute! Wishing you a happy day!


    Barbara Diane


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