Thursday, April 12, 2012


Will wonders never cease? I have completed February and  March in my quest to follow along with the FREE Craftsy Block of the Month Class ! I am just as stunned as you are....I thought for sure it would be August  before I finally would overcome the procrastinating.

Hmmmm, maybe the flashing "I'm doing the Craftsy Block of the Month" sign was the motivator.

Honestly, I did think about deleting that darn gadget a few times....

....that would solve the problem of you, my dear readers, knowing that I was deep into a procrastinating state but I would know that I was cheating and from a lesson earlier in my blog  "Cheaters never prosper" I knew I had to suck it up and JUST GET IT, I did.

Now mind you, the class is called "Block of the Month". It really should be called "BlockSSSSS of the Month" because each month has TWO blocks to be completed. Not hard, I know, but instead of being 2 blocks behind I was 4 blocks behind....just sayin'....
I signed up to procrastinate on ONE block per month not TWO!

Don't get me wrong, I am so glad I am forging ahead and getting these done. Just look at the amazing things I am learning.

The February blocks were a lesson in the half square triangle.
This is the "magic triangle"method.
 So easy and it's amazing how quickly the block is completed.

This is called the Balkan Puzzle
The next February block was made using a more traditional "line drawn" half triangle method.

 Amazing, again, how quickly a block can be completed!

This one is called the Chunky Chevron.
From this angle it looks like my seams don't quite match up, it's really not as bad as it least in My mind

I will let you in on a little secret about me. A few years ago, I told my sister Marcy, who happens to be a quilter, that I would NEVER get into quilting, no way. I could never handle sewing all those silly little pieces together, yuck, tedious and absolutely not for me. Well, she finally convinced me to try it. I took one class at my local quilt store and I was hooked. Quilting is an amazing process of tricks and shortcuts that in the end fool the eye into believing it must have taken years. I love choosing from so many delicious fabrics and then slicing, dicing and stitching my way to a finished project that will be cherished by someone for years to come.....I simply love quilting!!

March blocks are done too and I will be sharing them with you soon. They are my favorite so far, intricate looking but so very easy to put together!

Have you ever quilted? You really should!

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